Hairline Tattoo Repair Treatment


Creative Scalps are the leading scalp micropigmentation clinic in Alabama offering professional hairline tattoo repair treatments. We work with you energetically to discover the fashion you desire and accept that there’s no industry standard as each client is special.

Components to consider incorporate the shape and wrap up of your hairline, whether that’s a common delicate wrap up or an edged-up hair style.

Your hairline ought to take after the common shape of your confront for the leading appearance conceivable. We do this by employing a combination of procedures created by our experienced lead professional Marc Allen.



The Faded Hairlines was created by Marc Allen and has gone on to become one of the most sought-after styles of SMP. Using high-density pigmentation, the result is achieved by layering different levels of color to create the illusion of natural depth and shade. The hairline is less defined and has a more subtle transition, closely mimicking the natural growth for a realistic result.



SMP can be used very effectively to cover scars, but it’s also possible to simulate the appearance of scars for a more realistic appearance. The Faux Scar Hairline uses shading and varying depths of color to create an authentic-looking scar that no one will ever know isn’t the real deal.



The Receded Hairline provides an authentic and realistic result for men who have a naturally receding hairline. In some cases, restoring a fuller hairline with SMP wouldn’t suit the shape of the head or the existing hair growth, but this shape can look extremely natural. This design is popular with older clients or those looking for a more understated finish.



For men who are looking for a subtler finish, the Dusted Hairline uses less density and lighter pigmentation to create a natural and soft appearance. This style also works well for clients with a lighter skin tone as it doesn’t create a definitive line that can be seen as easily as it does with darker skin and hair tones.



A widow’s peak is a natural hairline shape with a more pronounced V-shape in the front which sometimes runs in the family. The lines of the peaked hairline are particularly flattering, making this a very popular choice of many men looking for micropigmentation on their scalp which looks natural both up close and from a distance.



The Defined Hairline mimics the edge-up, creating a very straight and clear shape that follows where the natural hairline would have been. This style works very well on darker skin tones as it shows where the hairline could be, rather than having an undefined area.



Using the same combination of techniques as our Faded Hairline, the SMP Fade adds pigmentation and definition to the sides. Marc’s extensive background as a barber means he has the expertise to offer this more complex finish.


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