I Have Brief Hair, can I still have Scalp Micropigmentation?

Yes! Scalp micro-pigmentation can work in the event that you’re bare, have a minor layer of hair or have shorter hair merely basically need to form see more full and thicker. Our universally perceived treatment covers all sorts of hair.

Will Scalp Micropigmentation cover my Diminishing Hair and bare spots?

Once more, exceptionally much so. SMP can offer assistance make the figment of thicker and more full hair. This will be done through hair tattoos which can coordinate your hair colour so it looks totally characteristic. The same with bare spots, SMP can offer assistance cover zones of diminishing hair or lost hair so it levels out your scalp.

Is SMP with Short Hair it Easy to Maintain?

After contributing in our award-winning treatment, it’ll take some days for your scalp to recuperate and after the aggravation has died down there may be minor scabbing which is totally ordinary.

Within the to begin with few weeks, maintain a strategic distance from uncovering the scalp to any items such as cleanser as this may aggravate the skin. After a month you’ll be able to do everything you were doing some time recently. You’ll be able sit back and appropriately appreciate your modern scalp. With individuals flying from around the world for our world-class benefit, we ensure you won’t need to believe your scalp to anybody else.

Will it look natural?

When having SMP with brief hair, there’s an assumption that there’s as of now existing hair (not long hair) on the scalp, so all through the treatment, the colour will be built up to your own so it looks completely characteristic. There’s no got to stress around the potential of the colour blurring or changing, as we utilize carbon-based shade which gets weakened to coordinate your skin tone.


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